Round Positive Reinforcement Stickers

Round waterproof stickers, with motivational messages and reinforcement of self-esteem. Long-lasting and hard-wearing. They measure 2cm in diameter.

20-unit pack printed with the phrases described below.

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The purpose of these stickers is to remind kids and grown-ups that we all like and need to be recognised, especially for who we are and what we do.

The younger the children are, this recognition has to be shown in something concrete, in something they can see and touch, such as stickers.

The basis for a positive upbringing are the physical demonstrations of affection, love, caring and respect. However, there are some resources that can help strengthen the bonds between parents and children even further.

When can they be used?

Whenever you want to show your children affection and recognition in a different and fun way; These stickers are excellent for use by various experts, teachers, nursery school teachers, psychologists, speech therapists. But also by analysis technicians and dentists. A little treat to reinforce them for being so good, and for being brave in the latter case.

Psychologist Regina Borges

The phrases printed on this pack of 20 round stickers are the following:

- Have a great day!

- You’re incredible!

- Don’t give up!

- Good luck!

- Play a lot today!

- Enjoy your work!

- I believe in you!

- I appreciate your help!

- Do your best!

- You’ll make it!

- You’re amazing!

- You can do it!

- I’m proud of you!

- Try once again!

- You’re on the right path!

- Believe in yourself!

- You’re my sunshine!

- I like you just the way you are!

- Great job!

- I’m rooting for you!

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