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Pre-school "Back to School" Pack

This is the most popular value pack among mums and dads of boys and girls who are starting pre-school. What distinguishes this pack from the rest is that it contains large iron-on labels to put on the front of the school overalls. You can see all the labels in this pack in the “details” (at the bottom of the page).

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Customize Pre-school "Back to School" Pack

In this value pack we have grouped together a set of labels that cover most situations in which accurate labelling with the child’s name/no. is necessary in a pre-school setting.
So the value pack contains:
- 20 iron-on labels regular size, for labelling clothes.
- 4 iron-on labels large size to put on the school smock/overalls.
- 20 stickers regular size for labelling snack boxes and other personal objects.
- 4 pairs of shoe labels
- 2 tags for school bag and pencil case.

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