On this page you will find a list of brands/blogs we recommend and which also recommend our products and services. We have a relationship of trust and mutual support with these brands.

- Squeez

Squeez! Reusable packets for purées, milkshakes, yoghurt and the like, for babies and grown-ups.

"Fill, Eat, Wash, Reuse" Apart from helping us look after the planet, by reusing, we also make savings in a healthy way ❤

Loja Online Squeez:


- Bloga8 

"They’re the reason for my existence - my kids. They’re the ones that make my hair stand on end and drive me nuts every day, yet give me all the love in the world - they’re two little devils with angels’ faces. To recount all their adventures (and mine), I decided to create a diary about all the big little things they do and discover - and that’s how bloga8 came about. This is where I give tips and suggestions to the families who, like me, enjoy saving time and money. Tiketa, which has partnered this blog since its embryonic stage, is not only a brand whose product is of exceptional quality, but it also has an efficient and fast shipping service and, of course, most importantly, treats each customer with care and dedication. Tiketa arose from the need to be organised and, at the moment, it is Tiketa that puts everything in the right place - both for kids and for grown-ups.

To find out a little bit more about us, don’t be shy about paying the blog a visit at!  See you there! See you soon! :)



- Create Eat Grow  


"My name is Sofia and I write the blog Create Eat Grow. I’m a wife and mother of 2 boys. I’m crazy about food, photography and DIY, and recently videography and cooking videos, too.

I discovered Tiketa through Squeez and it was like love at first sight. My work involves taking photos and making videos, showing and teaching how wonderful and spectacular your products are. I’ve become a total fan.
If you’d like to, please visit me at:


- My Dream Baby L 

The My Dream BabyL blog is a mum and baby space that’s been running for 3 years, where we share the latest trends in kids’ and women’s fashion, decoration, baby care, family programmes and other topics and adventures :


- I’m a Mum now

Inês Maia, aged 26, full-time Mum for 2 years and 7 months. Blogger for 1 year!

"I gave up any kind of job or career to be “just” a Mum! And I’ve never regretted it. They’ve been 2 of the most demanding and incredible years of my life. My blog came about as an inspiration to write a book, since it’s a kind of essay, the diary of our lives. In it I share our experiences as parents like any others, tales of the mischief of a child in the adolescence of babyhood. We’re perfectly normal but not at all ordinary. We always do our best. We make a lot of mistakes and learn even more! Here, I embrace and feel embraced by those who read it. Because no Mother or Father is alone on this journey!

And with the ambition of becoming an enterprising Woman-Mother, keeping being available and present for my son as a priority , I created my own project, my "Dudubaz” brand. A hamper service, for every occasion, where “the hamper you see is the heart that you can’t feel”. Always with the same mission: to place Love in everything I do, whether it’s writing, or reaching others’ hearts in the form of a box of dreams!



- The Blog Conxitamaria - neat and tidy  


The Blog Conxitamaria - neat and tidy is the only blog in Portugal devoted exclusively to the topic of organisation.

The reason behind the project is that I want to share my love of organisation. Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked everything to be neat and tidy. Nowadays, I live in Cascais, I work full-time, I’m a mother of two and stepmother of another two. Every other week, there are 6 of us in the house. Without a bit of organisation, tidiness and planning, it wouldn't be possible to stay sane.


instagram: @conxitamariablog

pinterest | conxitamariablog


- Mum from the Bazaar Blog


Writing has always been a passion. Being a mother a dream. When Mariana was born, our world was turned upside down, and here at home, we discovered that inside out is the right way round for us. The blog was born naturally, from a normal birth, without pain, plans or expectations. Writing to relieve what I feel inside, writing to share and exchange information on this magical and amazing journey of being a parent. At the same time, I share information on brands, services and products we like, use, admire, can’t live without; with those we identify with and trust. Welcome to the world of @Mamã of @Bazar :)




- Magic in Words - by Paula Cardoso  

"I’m a woman, mother, housewife and fan of information and sharing experiences. I love writing what I feel and my experiences. Writing is a source of pleasure. Writing makes me grow, live and relive unique moments. The blog Magic in Words arose from this passion. In this space I give my opinion on products I test, I talk about emotions, books, and I give tips on various subjects. Tiketa came into my life when I decided to make the world of my two little rascals easier. I tried their products and never wanted any other labels in my life. From there to the partnership was a small step. I love sharing good products and Tiketa excels when it comes to quality.
Kisses ;)
Paula Cardoso"