Iron-on labels with ColorADD Colour Alphabet;

5 packs with ColorADD symbols

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Iron-on Clothes Labels with the ColorADD alphabet colours.
Suitable for applying to items of clothing to help identify their colour. These labels are machine-washable and hard-wearing when the supplied washing instructions are followed.
Each pack contains 54 labels (2 x 27 colour codes).


Colour identification system

Colour-blindness is a limitation that affects 10% of the world’s male population - approximately 350 million people around the world. This hereditary condition is transmitted through the X chromosome. It creates great limitations for the sufferer at the level of social and professional integration.

Symbols that include colour

Developed on the basis of the three primary colours represented through graphic symbols, the ColorADD code is based on the “addition of colours” concept, allowing
a colour-blind person to relate to the symbols and easily identify the entire palette.
Black and white appear in order to guide dark and light tones.
The code becomes a “mental game” that is simple and easy to memorise and apply in everyday

Primary Colours | Black and White

Colours | Symbols

White | Black | Grey | Metallised Tones

Light Tones

Dark Tones





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