Iron-on dots for matching socks (35-pair pack)

Pairs of iron-on dots for matching socks. 35-pair pack.

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Iron-on dots, applied easily and quickly to help match/pair up socks after they are washed. Ideal for big families.
Long-lasting and hard-wearing. Specially created to withstand frequent and intense washing (up to 60º). Can be tumble-dried.
They measure 1.2x1.2cm.
Available in 5 different packs: designs for boys, designs for girls, mix of designs for boys and girls, pairs of nos. from 1 to 35, pairs of nos. from 36 to 70, pairs of nos. from 71 to 105 and pairs of nos. from 106 to 140.
The numbered pairs are available in white, dark blue, green, pink and red backgrounds.

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